With today's compliance issues, as well as our elevated awareness of environmental issues, disposal of old flooring isn't as simple as ripping it up and throwing it in a dumpster. That' is why Floor Connection offers complete, flooring recycling and reclamation services as an integral part of the complete flooring project process.

Our One-Stop Reclamation Program is a completely environmentally friendly service. It is LEED compliant and can be used for LEED accreditation. It also works within the green initiatives set forth by the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE). And because we work right here in your neighborhood, we are also up to speed on all local compliance regulations in additional to all the federal mandates. You never have to worry about anything getting overlooked.

  • We will provide a comprehensive quote with no hidden expenses
  • Our trained and experienced staff will remove your old flooring quickly with minimal disruption to the business
  • We provide transportation of your old carpet to a dedicated reclamation center
  • We provide proof that the material did not go to the landfill and a ceremonial certificate to the owner
  • We document the procedure and submit records for compliance
  • Our unbiased program is flexible enough to accept and recycle virtually all carpet materials. Any fibers. Any mill.

Then, once we get your old carpet to our Service Center, we bring it back to life in the form of new "green" flooring products, consumer and industrial parts, or converted into energy. In fact, no useful part of your old floor goes to waste. It's the flooring industry's equivalent to reincarnation.

So stop worrying about what you're going to do with your old floor. Call us.

We'll take care of it. Plus, we can help you spec "green" choices for your new floor too. It's all part of what you can expect when you choose us to manage your entire flooring process.

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